We are Comforta Co., Ltd., one of the five companies in Lim Kasem Group. Starting in 1971, we have been engaging in importing, exporting and distributing electronic equipments, car audio system and accessories, marine equipments, motorcycle equipments, and household appliances. Since then, we have been recognized as a leader in top quality electronic products market, with more than 400 dealers nationwide.


 The five companies in our group are:

          - L. Piya Intertrade Co., Ltd.

            Import and export business and local representation of products distributed by the group.


          - Lim Kasem Co., Ltd.

            Local distributor for car and marines' audio and accessories. (


         -Comforta Co., Ltd.

           Local distributor for home system, motorcycle accessories, marines accessories and floor materials.           



         -Aree Kasem Co., Ltd.

          Retail operation for products represented by the group, with showroom at Siam Discovery Center     



         -Project Terminal Asia Ltd.

          Regional distributor for electronic appliances and electronic components in Southeast Asia. 


Car Audio and accessories

- Brax and Helix (Amplifier and speaker - Germany)

- Ground Zero (Speaker - Germany)

- U Dimension (Amplifier and speaker - Germany)

- RODEK (Speaker - USA)

-- Daytona (Amplifier and speaker - house brand)

- JAOS (4x4 accessories - Japan)

- TJM (4x4 accessories - Australia)

Motorcycle Audio and Accessories

- GIVI Motorcycle Accessories (Boxes and Accessories - Italy)

- FIVE ( Motorcycle Gloves) - French

- Daytona (Performance parts and Accessories - Japan)

- Tanax (Performance parts and Accessories - Japan) 

- Ventura Bike Pack System (Soft packs and Accessories - New Zealand)

- Zeus Helmets (Helmets - Taiwan)

- Bike Mate (Accessories - house brand)

Floor Materials

Home Audio

- Nakamichi Home Theatre System (Japan)

- Whartmort (Home Theatre Speaker – Australia)

Home System

- Linear Security (Burglar Alarm - USA)

- NESS Security System (Burglar Alarm - Australia)

- KOCOM (Doorphone system - Korea)

- C-Curity (Burglar Alarm – House Brand)

- CFT (Burglar Alarm & Fire Alarm – House Brand)

- Rako (Electronic Article Surveillance System – Germany)

- Se-Cure (Anti Shoplifting System – USA)

- Home Safeguard (Fire alarm testing system – USA)

Marine equipment

- A Marine (GPS Navigation System, Radar, and fish finder - house brand)

- West Marines / Port Supply (USA)

- CFT (Floor mats, non slip tape, artificial turfs - House Brand)

- LG Chemical (Floor mats - Korea)

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